How do I know if I’ve won?

As soon as a contest concludes, you will receive an email announcing whether or not you are the winner! Even better, if the winner of the contest was promised points as a reward, those points will immediately be added to the winner’s account once the contest is over.

**Note** Double check your profile settings to make sure that your email address and notification settings are accurate so that you receive these notifications.

This can be accomplished in just a few steps!


Make sure your email is current!

Click on the portrait icon to jump to your profile page.


Review the email address on your profile.


If it is inaccurate or you would like to update it, click the “Edit” button in the top right corner. 


Type in your new email address, and click "Save" once finished.


Adjust your notification settings

To ensure you’re notified of the contest results, click on “Notifications” to open the notification menu. Make sure that the button next to “Contest Results” is green. If it isn’t, click on the white circle to turn that notification on.




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