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Joli D.
Joli D.
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It feels great when you accomplish a goal, right? Sometimes, we need a little reminder though.

Let's check out the power of Activity Loops!


Setting Up Your Activity Loop

You'll receive an email and in-app invitation from a team member at your office to start a new goal. 


mobile invite.png


Click on the invitation to get started. Proceed through the prompts to set your goal, expressing why you care about achieving it, and setting yourself reminders.


Complete your pledge and set yourself up for success. 👍



Begin Tracking

Make sure you've allowed notifications on your phone from the Patient Rewards Hub app or the Hubbux Rewards app (depending on which one you use) so that you get reminders to help you achieve your goals.

You can track your progress right in the app by marking it complete. Be sure to celebrate each closed loop. You've earned it!








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