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Customer Success Advisor
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When you share your experience with your friends and family, everyone wins!

People referred by current members get special perks that they can use as soon as they become a member, and as an added bonus, you'll be rewarded as well. 


Review the Rewards

Click Refer-A-Friend on the left in the menu to view the current offer.






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Share the Invitation

There are two ways to share the invitation with your family and friends:

  • Socially - If you would like to invite a lot of friends at once, click the Facebook or Twitter button.
  • Individually - If you would like to invite one friend in particular, click the orange Envelope button to send the offer via email, or click the purple Link button to get a link to the offer that you can share with anyone, anywhere. If you are on your mobile phone or in the app you will also be able to send the invitation by text message using the green Chat Bubble button.

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Receive your Prize

When one of your friends clicks the link you shared with them, they will be taken to the Invitee page where they can provide their contact information.




As soon as they complete the form, you will receive an email letting you know that one of your friends just reached out to your business. From here, your business will contact your friend. If your friend chooses to become a member, you will both be awarded your prizes!

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